Independence is a Good Thing . . .

. . . whether you are talking about a person or a book store.  I have had a long and productive relationship with the only book store left in my neighborhood, Bookies.  

Yes, Borders, when it was on 95th Street had a better layout, more magazines, a coffee shop and a wider selection of gift items, but after the Kindle Krash of 2011, all of that made no difference.  Borders dissolved like salt in the rain and Bookies was the little engine that could. AND did  And still is. 

A wonderful warren of used and new books, almost underground in its existence, but God love them for keeping the feel, the smell and the wonder of books alive in Beverly. 

Check them out at   or better yet, drop by.  You can order a copy of Hot Johnny (and the Women Who Loved Him) by Sandra Jackson-Opoku.  

Posted on June 8, 2016 .