"Just keep on being your beautiful, lovely, weirdo selves. Make art."                      

                                                                            -Seana Higgins, visual artist

As member of FLOW (For Love of Writing), Chirskira Caillouet endeavors to strengthen her prose and build a solid network of phenomenal writers. Her writings mostly include poetry as published in various college literary magazines and Young Chicago Authors’ "Say What" magazine.

More than a page poet, Chirskira takes the stage, displaying her spoken word skills
to multiple audiences from elementary schools to college and universities. In 2009, Chirskira self-published Honey Licorice (available on lulu.com) and learned to create e-books.  In 2014, Chirskira was one of a select group of spoken word artists to participate in the Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Awards for which she became a semi-finalist.

The Guild Literary Complex hosts The 21st Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award where poets read their poems to compete for the esteemed prize. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV). Chirskira Caillouet appears at 35:46. 

After graduating from Benedictine University, Chirskira continued her education at Northeastern Illinois University where she  earned  a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Language Arts.  She currently holds a certificate in Spoken Word Pedagogy at Concordia University.

Her travels include assisting in building a home with Habitat for Humanity in El Paso,
Texas, rebuilding communities in Pecan Island and New Orleans, Louisiana after the destruction of
Hurricane Katrina, and caring for children in Sucre, Bolivia.


Let Me Help Me You Out Real Quick

Book Reviews from Chirskira's POV

Uploaded by Chi Caillouet on 2016-12-30.

"Tiara" poems inspired Patricia Smith's Motown Crowns coming soon.

Ode to She the MC

All hail the queens that dare to rock the mic

and lace the flow with tight verses.

Their sounds moving across the airwaves

and making hips shake.

Hands nod to the boom bap.


Nitty Scott the MC coming straight out of

New York with an old school style and

witty lyricism. Her words catch your attention

like a private in the presence of a sergeant.


Don’t forget the drill sound of Katie Got Bands

from Chicagoland.

Put your hands in the air. Wave them like you care

about the melodic groove and technique for MC Lyte

to turn you inside and out.

She’ll let you know what it’s all about.

Adding weight to her voice made her

a heavy hitter in hip hop.


Knocking out MC’s,

like Lil MaMa said,

on the musical canvass .


Painting a vivid picture of her

New Jerusalem, Lauryn Hill

crafted a masterpiece

to last forever and

taught about that thing.


that rappers know so well


so do tell of



putting lines in order

for others to succeed them.


Salt ‘N Pepa

seasoning their rhymes

with very necessary flava.


Roxanne Shante

plotting her revenge.


Sha Rock

adding one

more to the

funky four.


JJ Fad





Rah Digga

burying these whack rappers

like funerals.


Snow the Product

pushing her way

to the top.



bringing the flood

after the drought.




Ms. Sasha


Audra the Rapper


Sasha Go Hard


Queen Latifah


Many more that touch the hearts

and minds of the youth


Every time

they spit fire

in the booth


Reign your glory

from your






to any girl


that enters the cypher

to decode

the mystery of she.