“The isolated imagination is easily corrupted by theory, but the writer inside his community seldom has such a problem.”

--- Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners Occasional Prose


Writers are passionate people with equally passionate voices; we are people who want to tell and share truths in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately, the marketplace can sometimes be a closed door for writers whose ideas do not fit neatly into templates or popular trends.

FLOW (For Love of Writing) is a group of African American female writers.  The group’s  vision, then, is simply to help writers navigate the choppy waters that separate the shores of manuscript completion and the marketplace.  Our vision is to offer a myriad of assistance, opportunities, and resources to ensure more diverse voices be heard in various platforms--- the page, the stage, the microphone, the Internet, or the screen.  


FLOW’s mission is to support the efforts of writers and to help them effectively transition from one stage of the writing or publishing process to the next.  We do this via a variety of resources and opportunities which include: manuscript critiques, editorial guidance, referrals, writing retreats, conferences, seminars, and marketplace resources.  Our goal is to synergize the efforts of serious writers, whose diverse voices need to be heard and shared in all their diversity, honesty and beauty. FLOW offers two membership types: Core and Associate.

CORE is the operating arm/board of directors. As much as Core members receive all of the aforementioned amenities; they are also responsible for planning craft and professional development outreach for Associate members and other writers. Core members meet ten months out of the year and are the driving force behind all programming, fundraising, marketing, and social media.

The ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is equally as important to FLOW’s overall mission as the Core group. Associate Members are writers of any level or other parties interested in writing who wish to access FLOW-sponsored, quarterly professional development, networking opportunities as well as discounted seminars, critiques, retreats, and other writer’s life activities. 


§  Opportunities for short of extended critiques via meetings and salons

§  Writer retreats

§  Website presence

§  Social media access, newsletter, press coverage

§  Free photo shoots/head shots

§  Craft and professional development

§  Publishing referrals and recommendations

§  Featured readers/speakers

§  Publishing referrals/recommendations

§  Publishing collaborations

§  Write-ins (short term---usually eight hours or less--- retreat for writing)


§  Quarterly professional or artistic development/networking workshops/meetings.

§  Quarterly newsletter with author profiles, submission opportunities, publisher highlights/profiles, FLOW calendar, and Core/Associate Member news.

§  Promotional opportunities on FLOW’s web site and newsletter calendar.

§  $10 discount off all FLOW paid events.

§  Associate members will receive a listing on FLOW’s website with links to their contact pages. 


LD Barnes

Sandra Jackson Opoku, Founding Member

Tina Jenkins Bell, Founding Member

Janice Tuck Lively, Founding Member

Chirskira Caillouet, Founding Member *

Lucille Freeman, Founding Member*