At times, I have been too nice to tell people what I really think, but my characters hold no such policies. Thankfully.
— Tina Jenkins Bell


Bell is an active member of Chicago’s writing community, having been a Ragdale (Lake Forest) resident twice and a CAAP’s (Chicago artist program) grant recipient. As a cofounder of the West Side Writer’s Guild and FLOW (For Love of Writing), Bell has contributed to efforts to educate other writers on the business side of art. She’s also performed readings at various venues, including the Harold Washington Library, University of Chicago, American Bookseller Association’s Expo, Printer’s Row, Lollapalooza, Columbia College, The African Festival, and the Beverly Arts Center. Bell is currently completing final edits for Mud Pies, a novel and Cut the Baby in Half, a play. She lives with her family and unpredictable pup, Bella, on Chicago’s South Side.


Tina Jenkins Bell Flow


“As a writer and a playwright, I choose prose forms based on the nature of the tale.  Most times those genres are short story and novel forms, but other times, the dramatic flair of a story entices me to create a work of fiction as a play.”                                                                      ---Tina Jenkins Bell


Bell’s fiction and plays tend to focus on the conflicts that occur when subtle distinctions and fissures in relationships become heavily pronounced to the point of breaching trust, severing ties, questioning authority and a hosts of other breaks. Some of her works have appeared in Guildworks, Steamticket (an University of Wisconsin anthology), BAC Street Journal, and Hairtrigger 32.